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who am i?

I am Vanessa and live in the beautiful canton of Zug. My friends describe me as a joyful person with a great curiosity for everything new and unknown.

I love meeting new people and cultures. Whether it's through traveling to distant lands, trying new recipes, or learning a new language, nothing fulfills me more than expanding my horizons.

Becoming a wedding planner has fulfilled a long-awaited dream for me. I love making life easier for other people with my expertise. The love, emotions, and joy in their eyes are the most beautiful thing for me.

Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner

my passion

One of my greatest passions is organizing weddings. Accompanying brides and grooms during the planning phase all the way to their big day always puts a smile on my face. From my own experience, I know how much stress planning a wedding brings and I want to take this off my couples so they can enjoy the journey to their big day to the fullest.


Personally, I love spending time with friends and loved ones. These are definitely the moments that stay in my mind and make life so unique. Every person has their own individual story and that's what I love. 


10 facts about me

  • I love colors, the more colorful the better. There is always a colorful element in my clothing. It can be colored sneakers, or blazer or fun socks. 

  • My favorite drink is matcha latte. It is part of my morning ritual. 

  • I am a huge Star Wars fan! I have watched the movies countless times.

  • Already in school I loved languages and I like to learn new ones. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it used to be.

  • Sweet or salty? Definitely salty! Chips are never safe from me. 

  • I love plants, but unfortunately do not have a green thumb. That is why I usually only have greens with me, which are practically indestructible. 

  • Although every season has its charm, summer is definitely my favorite. 

  • I love to cook and always try something new. Baking, however, is definitely not one of my strong suits. 

  • I love to organize. In my friends group I am usually the one organizing restaurants, accommodations or trips. However, I enjoy being surprised and taken out sometimes. 

  • My favorite colors are yellow and purple. I have matching shoes and jackets for both.

Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner

Contact me today

I am very excited to meet you and hear your story. I am eagerly waiting to turn your moments into unique memories. Feel free to contact me to learn more about my services so we can see what is the perfect fit for you.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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