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A bride shares her experience of working with a Planner.

Franziska Stejskal and I have known each other for several years through our former employer. She told me that she planned her wedding with a wedding planner. She shares her experience in the following interview.

Vanessa: Dear Franziska, thank you for taking the time for this interview. Tell us how you and your husband met.

Franziska: I met my husband Ronald in a rather "old-fashioned" way at a club. He was working at the bar, and my friend suggested we should go over to him, thinking we might get a free drink. I found him handsome, we started talking, and by the end of the evening, he gave me his phone number, and we went on a few dates.

How lovely! Did he propose to you later, or did you take charge of that?

Well, I can share this much: I had to work longer that day (our seventh anniversary). When I came home, Ronald approached me and asked if I knew what day it was. Of course, I knew it was our anniversary, and he got down on one knee and proposed. It was perfect (smiles). He had also previously asked my father for my hand, which meant a lot to me.

That sounds like a beautiful and intimate moment. Did you already know how you wanted to get married at that point?

(laughs) Actually, we talked about it later that evening. It was clear to both of us that we wanted to get married by the water and have a nice time with family and friends. Also, we had already decided at that point that we wanted to hire a wedding planner.

Newly wedded couple
Franziska's and Ronald's dream wedding by the lake

Interesting. Could you explain why you wanted to work with a planner right from the beginning?

Certainly. At that time, I had a colleague who worked part-time as a wedding planner. We had a very friendly relationship, and after a consultation with her, it was clear that she would plan our wedding. How would we anyway know what needs to be done? We have never been married before (laughs).

Can you tell us a bit about how the collaboration with your wedding planner was?

She understood our wishes, and together we looked at what was important to us. I wanted to get married by the water and be led to the altar by my father. She then suggested a list of suitable service providers with whom she had had good experiences. She also created a schedule for the entire wedding day and took care of all the coordination. It was great.

What were the advantages of working with a wedding planner for you?

Definitely the network and knowledge she brought. Since Roland and I both worked full-time, we saved so much time that we could invest in other things. She also took care of everything on our wedding day, so we and our guests could truly enjoy. There are many things you don't realize during the planning process. For example, the florist arrived with the bridal bouquet while I was getting my makeup done. How would she know where to go? Should I receive the bouquet with my half-finished makeup? That's not an option! So, the wedding planner gave instructions to the florist, and she brought the bridal bouquet to my room.

Were there any disadvantages or challenges during the planning or on the wedding day?

Not really. The only thing was a spontaneous game by our witnesses, which was not coordinated with us or the planner. However, everything still worked out perfectly, and the food and the day were just perfect.

From what I gather, you would again hire a wedding planner if you were to get married again. What advice would you give to future couples?

Happy married couple
Franziska & Ronald

Absolutely, I would work with a wedding planner again without hesitation! One thing to be aware of is the additional financial investment. Getting married is an expensive affair, and a lot of effort goes into planning.

Of course, you can plan it yourself, but then you don't have the added value that a planner brings with their extensive network and experience. Recommendations are worth their weight in gold, and in the end, you can focus entirely on yourself, your loved ones, and the wedding day. That was always one of the most important things for us, to have a good time with friends and family.

Two friends
Vanessa & Franziska

Thank you very much for your time, and best wishes for many more happy years of marriage :)

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