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Why did I become a wedding planner?

This is most probably the question I was asked most. And it's a fair one. Compared to the USA, wedding planner isn't a very popular profession in Switzerland. Let me elaborate a bit in order to answer this question.

I've finished my commercial apprenticeship in Finance 2012, but it wasn't really my passion. Therefore, I've moved to IT shortly after. I've learned tons of new things and was able to take care of the technical setup of client events all around the world. I've had a lot of fun doing this and was always excited for the next event.

Around that time, I've discovered the books The Bride Quartet from Nora Roberts where four friends lead a wedding agency. Since that moment, I was extremely fascinated by weddings and loved the way the characters in the booked worked together on their passion.

In my mid-twenties I've asked myself what my professional passion is but could not find an answer. Coaches couldn't help to find the answer and I felt incomplete in my job.

How everything started

I was invited to a wedding in a luxury hotel in Zurich in September 2019. I remember well how everything was tremendously beautiful and well organized. Coincidentally, I've met the wedding planner of the couple and learned, that they offer an education to become a wedding planner. As I love organizing, I wanted to know more about this and met with the wedding planner from Liebesding. Afterwards I was excited and devastated at the same time since in my job I was travelling so much, it would leave me no time to attend this education. Time passed and then Corona started.

How it continued

Events got cancelled, we were working from home, and I got time to think. The profession of a wedding planner didn't want to leave my head and from that moment on it was clear that I want to absolve this education. So I signed-up and started in October and from the first day on I felt affirmed in my decision. I met amazing and passionate people and enriched my knowledge about wedding planning. I've graduated as a Certified Wedding Planner from engaged in May 2022. During the education I was more and more convinced, that I want to make this my profession. The tension you feel whilst working towards an event was not new to me but doing it for a wedding was connected to even more emotions which I wanted to experience and share. That's how I founded My Memories - Vanessa Sidler in summer 2022. A name was found quick; Memories which was the wedding song of my parents back then and a butterfly in the logo reflecting the animal of my name. Together with My Memories I want to create long lasting memories for everyone.

And how it continues

Now you know why I became a wedding planner. The emotions and passion to support you with the preparation of your perfect day means everything to me. Would you like to know more about me or have questions about my services? Contact me via email or give me a call and follow me on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing from you :)

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José Tomás Vargas Pérez
José Tomás Vargas Pérez
Jul 18, 2023

Hi Vanessa, Hi Vanessa, I hope you enjoy this adventure and that you make many people happy by creating great memories 😊



Marco Brunelli
Marco Brunelli
Jul 17, 2023

Good luck Vanessa, wish you lots of success!

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