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Wedding Trends 2024/2025

As the end of year approaches fast, it is the best time to look into the upcoming wedding trends. 2024/2025 brides & grooms, listen up! Thanks to the latest AI-technology we can also get some example images of how these could look like. Those images were created by Image Creator from Microsoft Bing in collaboration with Dall-E.

Unique, different, special

AI Retro cake
AI retro cake

Retro cakes

Wedding cakes with a retro vibe, for example those with geometric patterns or bold colors, are expected to be a very popular wedding trend 2024/2025,

Metallic decor

Metallic accents, such as gold or silver, will continue to be a popular choice for wedding decor. These colors can be integrated with chairs, candles, napkins and more.

Unique color palettes

Let there be color! Same as in 2023 this trend will grow in the coming years. Moreover, couples are choosing special color palettes for their weddings, like jewel tones or pastels.

Non-traditional dress styles

When visiting a bridal boutique, the sentence heard the most is "I am looking for something unique and special". Also in the following years, non-traditional dress styles, such as jumpsuits or pantsuits, are going to be a popular choice for brides.

Creative floral structures

Couples love wedding arches, and this will only become even more popular in the next years. They are available in varied sizes, shapes, and colors. Going forward, mixing several types of flowers which have not been combined before or combining colors to make amazing constructs is going to be trendier than ever. 

Less traditional, more easy-going

Destination Weddings & Inbound/Income Weddings

Whilst many people from abroad choose to get married in beautiful Switzerland (Inbound/Income Wedding), many couples from Switzerland choose to get married abroad (Destination Wedding) due to their roots, because it is easier for their families or simply because they are in love with another country. We can expect this trend to grow in the coming years.

Multiple-days weddings

No matter which destination you choose for your wedding celebration, multi-days weddings are expected to be more popular going forward.

Your weekend could start with a pre-wedding party where the guests get to know each other, for example during a simple pizza dinner. Of course, you can also spend this evening with your close family and friends whilst the next day is going to be the big event where everyone comes together.

The day after your wedding can be started with a brunch in a cozy hut, on a boat or in a castle. What a magical way to spend your weekend.

Short ceremonies & outside celebrations

Couples are opting for shorter wedding ceremonies, with more emphasis on the reception and after-party.

In addition, they love to have celebrations outside. For sure, you still need to have a backup plan as the weather can be unpredictable sometime. However, does it not sound amazing to spend romantic, warm nights surrounded by cozy lights outside and celebrate until the sun comes out again?

Interactive food stations

Food trucks have already proven to be quite popular amongst couples in the previous years. Now the trend moves towards those which offer the guests the possibility to choose their food. Mostly with a chef behind those stations offering the guests a choice from freshly grilled food, individually put-together burgers, live-toasted s'mores and more.

Wedding Trends 2024/2025

As always, the upcoming wedding trends all have the same goal - to create an unforgettable, amazing, and meaningful celebration which will stay in everyone’s memory for many years to come. Make sure to have a wedding celebration as individual as you are.

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