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Videographer at weddings: Wedding video yes, or no?

There is almost no wedding without a wedding photographer, as couples desire to have their special day captured in photos. However, what about videographers?

Although wedding videos aren’t nearly as popular as wedding photos, wedding films are currently experiencing a real boom. One driving reason for this is social media, which has made moving images popular. Videos have gradually become a permanent part of our lives in recent years. Telling stories through films is trendy.

What makes wedding videos so attractive?

On the one hand, it is certainly the ability of this medium to capture the mood like no other. The shaky voice during the vows or the fleeting gesture during the first look is simply better captured in a video than in a static image. Accompanied by appropriate music and 1-2 spectacular drone shots, often a film full of emotions emerges, which repeatedly moves the protagonists to tears. On the other hand, it is also the shareability of wedding films. This feature allows the most beautiful moments and emotions to be shared with friends and family.

Which wedding video format is right?

This question cannot be answered easily because it depends on the individual needs of the couple. What I can tell you, however, is which formats are available:

  • Documentary Films: The documentary film captures the most important moments of your wedding from A to Z. Due to its length, it offers the possibility to work with original sound recordings. This can, for example, be a speech by an enthusiastic ceremony officiant or the wedding vows which should not only be captured in photos.

  • Wedding Reportages: Wedding reportages primarily highlight the interpersonal moments. The focus is on skillfully capturing the irreplaceable emotions and moments of two loving people and their entourage. No sequence is chosen randomly in the video. Everything is aimed at creating goosebumps for the viewer while watching.

  • Highlight Videos: This type of wedding film gives the viewer a sneak peek of the wedding day by briefly teasing all the special moments - whether it is the tears of joy during the first look, the mandatory wedding kiss, or the cutting of the wedding cake.

  • Trailer: The trailer tells the story of the couple in fast motion. It is a crisp, concise short video that only focuses on the key events and most emotional moments of the day. In its presentation, it resembles a promotional film or the preview of a blockbuster.

How does the videographer approach the wedding?

Similar to a photographer because the schedule is the same. In advance, you get to know each other, discuss expectations, determine the format, and discuss the setting. Occasionally, the videographer will also visit the wedding venue together with the couple or wedding planner. Certainly, the videographer will at least clarify what can be filmed and what needs to be considered. For example, the question arises whether a drone is allowed to fly or not? Such questions arise especially when it comes to antique and protected buildings such as, for example, Schloss Hünigen or St. Charles Hall in Lucerne. During the wedding day itself, the videographer acts considerately and cautiously. At the same time, he strives to capture all the emotions of your wedding as much as possible. His top priority is to showcase the couple on their wedding day perfectly and create a unique documentary.

Why are wedding films by videographers so expensive?

That is the wrong approach. The right question is: How much is it worth to you in 20 years to relive the most important day in your life? This can be estimated by considering how much you would be willing to spend to see your parents or grandparents now in color. Always bear in mind that while these are your memories of your wedding, this investment will also benefit your children and grandchildren. If family relationships are intact, the offspring will say "Thank you so much" in a few decades and watch the film of your wedding with immense pleasure. When you turn the clock, you will inevitably realize that a film increases in value proportionally to time.

But where do the costs come from? When you inquire with filmmakers, you will often hear things like "You've come to the right place with me", "I'm happy to be there", "I film your wedding with great joy", "It would be an honor for me to capture your big day. Thanks again for the request." Unfortunately, such statements fall a bit short. Fact is that filming itself only serves to generate footage, which is then needed for the post-production. This leads us to the point: Video productions are expensive because post-production is correspondingly time-consuming. When you consider that the creator first must view all the raw material, it becomes clear how long he must sit in the studio after the event. In addition, there is editing, color correction, and other optimizations as well as music, etc.

Conclusion: Wedding videographer yes, or no? 

Many wedding couples want to make their wedding an unforgettable experience. Experience has shown that this works best with expressive wedding photos combined with a beautiful wedding video. A wedding film gives them the opportunity to relive their special day repeatedly and share it with friends. My conclusion as a wedding planner is therefore: Whenever the wedding budget allows, the couple should treat themselves towards a wedding videographer! It is a day for eternity that deserves to be properly documented. It is the combination of moving and static images that keeps the memory alive. In short, a video is the perfect complement to the wedding album!

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